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Trees are the essence of resilience. They survive strong windstorms and live for hundreds of years by being flexible. Instead of remaining too rigid, they bend with the wind so that they don’t break.

The image of a bending tree resonates with us because it speaks to our belief that it’s not the types of storms we experience - but how we handle them - that matter most. It also appeals to our belief that each of us have the innate capacity to heal and be resilient. Regardless of whether we do it with help or on our own, we can learn to bend under pressure without breaking.

"The essence of resilience is to learn how to adapt to life's storms without breaking.
The tree that bends with the wind is always stronger than the tree that fights it."


"a place where you are at the centre of your own story...equipped to take back control of your life.  

You feel broken, confused, overwhelmed, or stuck. You wonder how you got here and - more importantly - how you can get out. You feel hopeless and alone.

Regardless of the issue, our therapeutic approach places you at the centre of your own story, feeling heard, accepted, and equipped to make the changes necessary to take back control of your life.

More Than A Label


We believe people are more than just a label, diagnosis or the illness they experience. We are committed to creating safe spaces for everyone, empowering people to become the best version of themselves. We work with you to create a safe relationship where you can heal and provide tools that can prevent you from getting stuck again.​

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